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'Khwabo Ke Parde' Out Now!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Aakash Rijia & Abdul Shaikh's Mega Collaboration

Khwabon ke parde Thode gira do, Aankhon ke andar Mujhko chipa lo

The Story

The New Hindi love song, 'Khwabo Ke Parde' is a collaboration between Aakash Rijia & Abdul Shaikh which expresses the deep heartfelt desires of a lover. The dream is to spend a beautiful life with her. To celebrate the feeling of being in love, the feeling of oneness. Just close your eyes and listen to this passionate song 'Khwabo Ke Parde' and travel to the dream world of romance with the love of your life. Love that stays unexpressed, stays confided in your dreams. But when love finds an expression, it turns into a reality. And the romantic song, 'Khwabo Ke Parde' can be a medium to express that dream and turn it into a real passionate relationship. You will feel that 'Khwabo Ke Parde' is indeed a heart-touching emotional song that expresses the longings of all those who are in love!

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