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To The Friendships Where You Feel Free

Official music video for ‘Swimming’, an ode to the friendships where you feel free to feel and flow with your emotions as they are!

According to the New Delhi musicians, the new track “tries to capture the power of asking for help"

The Story

“‘Swimming’ tries to capture the power of asking for help. It’s a celebration of female friendships where you feel free to let your guard down and be vulnerable without the fear of judgment. The song starts in a still and somber way to represent the person struggling, feeling empty and lonely with her feelings,” says Khanna.

Bhattacharya echoes, “‘Swimming’ is an ode to the vulnerable, tender, affectionate half of feminine energy, celebrating relationships where you feel free to swim in your emotions, voice the most difficult ones and be vulnerable without fear of judgment. It’s for that friend who knows how to stay patiently through your highs and lows and pull you out of your own worst tendencies. It’s a reminder of what remains when you feel like you’ve lost everything.”

Last month, at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna performed an unreleased track. At the time, she announced that the new song would be out soon and is a collaboration with fellow New Delhi singer-songwriter Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. That song is the gentle offering titled “Swimming,” which was released towards the end of March.

Both Khanna and Bhattacharya have known each other for years through the New Delhi music scene. Having also performed together in the past, a collaboration between the pair always seemed likely to happen. On how they teamed up for the track, Khanna explains, “It was inspired by the feeling of spiraling in your emotions and needing a friend to help you out of an overwhelming place. I remember calling a friend and feeling so much lighter, and just feeling seen and heard after our conversation.” She adds, “They reassured me and made it easier to accept my emotions for what they are.” Khanna was keen on recreating that moment through song and wanted another singer-songwriter to play the role of her friend.

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